A Modern Roman Forum

By adam corsini on 1 Mar 2013

The Roman Forum. The centre of public life. The nucleus of commercial affairs. Whether you lived in ancient Rome, ancient Lugdunum (modern Lyon to you and me) or our very own Londinium, the Forum was the place to meet your mates, find out about all the latest trends, fashions and social news and of course, shop.

So what would be today’s equivalent of a Forum? I’d like to put forward, the Shopping Mall.

...to here - The Glades, Bromley

Like the Roman Forum it has shops and market stalls, it has places to meet your friends, it has places to find out the latest trends/fashion and (at least in the commercial sense) news. And soon one shopping centre will also have Roman archaeology.

What better place to take artefacts from Keston Roman villa than to Bromley’s Glades Shopping Centre.

What did residents in Bromley eat 2000 years ago? Why did a dish made in France end up in Roman Bromley? And why were dead dogs important?

You can find the answers to these questions and more from Sat 2nd March at The Glades, in the heart of Bromley’s town centre.

But why stop there? This is Public Archaeology and we want you to get up close and take a unique look at Bromley’s history; to touch the pots that were made and used in the area two millennia ago; to sniff them should you wish (we draw a line at tasting). These artefacts are London’s history, London’s heritage and whilst the Museum of London looks after them, they are yours to enjoy.

So come see them – Friday 8th, Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March at Bromley’s ‘Modern Forum’. Meet our archaeology ambassadors and ask them how you can get involved in preserving Bromley’s ancient past.

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