At the Museum of London, we tell the ever-changing story of this great world city and the people who live here. Our galleries, exhibitions, displays and activities give you a sense of the vibrancy that makes London such a unique place. Here on our blog you’ll find a collection of behind-the-scenes staff snippets, London stories and fascinating museum discoveries.

Visiting information:

Museum of London
150 London Wall
London EC2Y 5HN
FREE entry 10am – 6pm (daily except 24-26 Dec)

Museum of London on Google Maps


Museum of London Docklands
No.1 Warehouse
West India Quay
London E14 4AL
FREE entry 10am – 6pm (daily except 24-26 Dec)

Museum of London Docklands on Google Maps


London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre
Mortimer Wheeler House
46 Eagle Wharf Road
London N1 7ED
By appointment only, or open for specific events.

London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre on Google Maps


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  1. Fangzheng Ong says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I tried contacting paper conservator Clare Reynolds but my email was bounced back. I am looking for the person in-charge I should be approaching with regards to publishing content. I am tasked with writing a post for the school blog on the recent ICON conference, and I just need an approval on the photos and content on the Museum of London section.

    Please let me know to whom should I be approaching, many thanks!

    Fangzheng Ong
    West Dean College
    Books & Library Materials

    1. sarah madden, blog editor says:

      Hi Fangzheng,

      I’ve passed this enquiry to our two paper conservators. They should respond in due course.

      Many thanks,
      (Blog Editor)

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