As English as Crown Joules and Fission Chips

By john joyce on 20 May 2011

Did you know about the particle detector labs hidden deep down in one of London’s “central” tube stations or the famous landmark that was originally built to double up as a site to observe the heavens? Find out with “London Science Uncovered”, the new location based game for London!

The Museum of London Learning Department has teamed up with the Institute of Physics (external link) to take you on a tour of some of London’s famous and lesser known places of scientific discovery. A brand new smartphone game will guide you around the city, giving you activities and photo opportunities along the way.

Take a new view of the city and uncover the fascinating stories behind the places you wander past each day. The trail will take you around central London and will be a great way to fill a lunchtime or a summer’s day.

To enjoy the tour, you will need a smartphone, either an iPhone or Android phone with an internet connection, and the free SCVNGR (external link) app available from iTunes (external link) and the Google App Store (external link). Simply login to the app, choose treks and then search for “London Science Uncovered”.

Once you’ve completed the trail, answered the questions and snapped your photos, come along to the Museum of London. Show your phone and congratulations message to the Museum’s hosts at the entrance desk to claim your goodie bag of prizes!

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Blog author: Alex Flowers, Project Coordinator (Digital Learning)

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