Behind the scenes with Sherlock Holmes

By matt boyle on 17 Sep 2014

storyboard 2

Want to know how we captured the spirit of the Sherlock Holmes exhibition in our dramatic new trailer? Our behind-the-scenes shots reveal the production process from Victorian Walk to silver screen!

It all started with a concept! We worked with production company FGreat to come up with a storyboard that captured the essence of the exhibition, echoed our poster design and followed its narrative through the objects that will be on display in the exhibition.

Conservator Jon Readman places the objects for filming of Sherlock Holmes trailer

Next came setting the scene and what better place to evoke Sherlock’s London than our very own Victorian Walk. Here, you can see our conservator Jon Readman installing the objects for filming on what is usually the bank manager’s desk.

Fgreat set-up the murder scene in the Victorian Walk with a hand covered in fake blood

Now for the drama! You can’t have a Sherlock story without a crime. Here you can see our staged murder and our conservators quickly getting to work to clean up the (water-based) fake blood.

Actor Jamie Francis in tweed suit with deerstalker and pipe

Then on to the studio to dress actor Jamie Francis in a fine Harris Tweed suit loaned by Thomas Farthing.

Green screen

Our Sherlock Holmes is filmed with precise direction and lighting by the talented production team from Fgreat Studio.

Master of Disguise shot before and after animation

Once all the footage of the objects and actors was captured the technical wizardry brought the trailer to life with animation and sound.

In the studio

Watch the trailer to meet the man who never lived and will never die…

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