A Christmas Ride

By sharonament on 10 Jan 2014

We all have our Christmas Day traditions and this year I decided to start a new one. As a passionate cyclist, rather than starting the day with present opening and bucks fizz my husband and I, along with two friends, jumped on our bikes and began our Christmas with a cycle through the city.

With central London famously deserted on Christmas day, it was thrilling to roll through the city, passing iconic Tower Bridge and of course the Museum of London on the way. You can see our journey through the capital, including a sneak peek inside St Paul’s Cathedral, on this head cam film (though please excuse the stop frame feel it wasn’t intentional). What you won’t hear are the cheers of “Happy Christmas” from the Police outside of No10 on Whitehall, the beauty of the service echoing round St Pauls or the toot from the River Police boat as it passed under London Bridge. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what this incredible city feels like with just a fraction of the 8 million or so Londoners who normally pulsate through it, I can certainly recommend a festive cycle come December 2014. Who knows, we might even pass one another on our bicycles or share some hot chocolate on Tower Bridge…

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