LAARC VIP10: Volunteer Profile – Carl

By adam corsini on 18 Feb 2012

Each week we’re posting volunteer profiles allowing you to find out a little more about the members of our excellent volunteer team. Today’s volunteer is Carl:


1) When did you join the volunteer programme and why?
Joined for VIP9 – interested in the history of London

2) What was your most memorable day whilst volunteering?
Tour of the museum on the project’s last day when I got to handle Viking weapons.

3) What was your favourite object you discovered whilst volunteering?
The St George belt clasp figurine


4) What’s your favourite part of the museum?
The mention of the Vikings in the Medieval gallery

5) Upper galleries of lower?

Tuesday - Week 4 Tuesday's Hands-On Archaeology Workshop

6) Favourite year in London’s history?
1997, the year my daughter was born.

7) Favourite Londoner?
Henry VIII

8) Mortimer Wheeler or Indiana Jones
Mortimer Wheeler

9) If you could dig anywhere in the world where would you excavate?
Scandinavia looking for Viking finds

Object Handling in the foyer 

10) What’s next for you after this project?
To see what more volunteering I can do for the archives

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