London Street Views 1840

By jason webber on 11 Mar 2014
Tallis' London Street Views

Tallis’ London Street Views

New to London? Here for business or perhaps a little shopping? Looking for a specific building? These days we might use the internet or our smartphones to find the right places and navigate around the city, technology of which the Victorian visitor to London could only dream.

London Street Views website

London Street Views website

What the 1840s visitor could use, however, for a few pence, were the series of 88 ‘London Street Views’ published by John Tallis that covered 74 of the most popular commercial thoroughfares in the capital. These guides included a local map, a history of a street, some adverts and best of all, elevation views of the given highway.

London Street Views 1840 walkthrough

London Street Views 1840 walkthrough

The Museum of London has digitised and put online 33 of these guides and is asking for volunteers to help us transcribe the business directories. Once complete there will be a searchable database of businesses (and business types) that will include a street view. Take a walk down Oxford Street, amble along Piccadilly and stroll by Old Compton Street and get a feel of the West End in the time of Dickens!

4 thoughts on “London Street Views 1840

  1. ED Weaving says:

    Might be able to help, depending on what is involved.

  2. Ann Dawson says:

    As a volunteer already at the Museum I would be interested in getting involved with this project.

  3. Lesley Thrift says:

    I would like to volunteer – perhaps you need someone to input into a database or cross reference data for this project – plse contact me

  4. Judy Guy-Briscoe says:

    I would be interested in volunteering for this project

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