Meet Claudia de Sabe

By spetty on 11 Jan 2016

The museum’s upcoming exhibition, Tattoo London, opening on 29 January, will reveal four contemporary tattoo studios in the capital, as well as offering some insight into the history of professional tattooing in London.

Claudia de Sabe photoraphed by Kate Berry

Claudia de Sabe © Kate Berry

Claudia de Sabe was born in Padua, Italy in 1980. She studied art from a young age and attended her first tattoo convention when she was just 14 years old. After university, Claudia started working as an apprentice at a couple of tattoo studios in Italy. Having travelled to London to be tattooed, she accepted a summer placement at Frith Street Tattoo and eventually relocated to the capital.

Claudia moved to Jolie Rouge on Caledonian Road, which gave her time to focus on her drawing and find her individual style. She is inspired by Japanese design and Victorian iconography, often works on large pieces and has a dedicated client base. She sees herself as one of the new generation of artists in London and is always striving to learn and develop her techniques. Claudia now works at Seven Doors Tattoo and travels to guest at studios across the world.

Hear more about Claudia’s career and catch a glimpse of the studio in which she works at the exhibition – opening January 29 2016.

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