London Dust: Rut Blees Luxemburg

By francis marshall on 29 Apr 2015
Rut Blees Luxemburg’s at her home in Shoreditch

Rut Blees Luxemburg’s at her studio in Shoreditch

Earlier this year, we acquired two works by one of London’s leading photographers, Rut Blees Luxemburg. They’re from her series London Dust, which takes an oblique look at the redevelopment of the City. The new acquisitions, plus a number of other works from the series, will be on display at the Museum of London from 1 May.

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Happy St George’s Day

By adam corsini on 23 Apr 2015

Happy St George’s Day one and all!



St George’s story goes back to the Roman period and although his birth year is much disputed, most agree that his death occurred on this day, 23rd April, in AD303. But it’s the Medieval period when we start to see the saint’s image depicted on objects in our collection. Check out these 14th Century floor tiles found at Temple Church,Fleet street. Read the full postRead the full post

A dress for spring

By beatrice behlen on 16 Apr 2015

I have been putting off publishing this entry as it contains too many known unknowns for my liking. But I have already spent too many hours on Ancestry and I am hoping that you will be able to solve some of the mysteries surrounding the object below.

Detail of fancy dress outfit

The bodice can currently be seen in Show Space a new (small) exhibition area we opened just before Easter. Show Space consists of three mannequin-height cases which can be (relatively) easily configured to hold different types and sizes of objects. We want to react more quickly to what’s happening in London, to bring out objects that have a good story but don’t fit into forthcoming exhibitions and generally to experiment a little. There is also a screen for film and other digital ‘stuff’ and a player for gems from our Oral History Collection (or sounds, or music). Read the full postRead the full post

A brief history of Smithfield

By alex werner, head of history collections on 26 Mar 2015

Painting of 'A Bird's Eye View of Smithfield Market taken from the Bear and Ragged Staff'

Smithfield is one of London’s special places. Its lanes, alleys and courts on the edge of the market still follow a medieval street plan. Smithfield has its own distinctive character and feel. The bumarees or market porters with their white coats and hats, often smeared with blood, mingle with office and hospital workers. It is a locality at work both day and night. In the evenings, crowds spill out from the pubs and bars, while drivers park lorries laden with meat ready for the early morning market. Read the full postRead the full post

5 remarkable ways the Victorians propelled CSI into the modern age

By shivani lamba, director of forensic outreach on 24 Feb 2015

Victorian scientific  equipment

Forensic Outreach are running a Sleuthing with Sherlock forensics workshop on Friday 6 March and 2 April between 7-10pm. To book tickets, head over to our website.

The macabre operating theatre in Southwark, the lined shelves of meticulously reserved human remains in the Royal College of Surgeon’s Hunterian Museum, and the earliest approaches to crime and punishment in the Crime Museum of Scotland Yard — these are the shadows of a bygone era in Victorian London. They are fascinating to behold, but we’re somewhat comfortable that their activities are now a preserve of the distant past.
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