Marvellous Miniatures at the Archive: Top 3 Tiny Roman Objects

By glynn davis on 24 Sep 2014

Roman miniature tear catcher

The Museum’s Archaeological Archive houses a vast collection of objects with sometimes intricate meanings and nearly always a hidden story. In our continuing effort to open-up and throw light on our stored collections this new series of monthly blogs will present an alternative ‘top list’ of London’s archaeological objects. Last month some of our unusual ecofacts made the line-up. This month were focusing on the superstitious Romans and some of their more unusual miniatures… Read the full postRead the full post

All that Glitters at the Archaeological Archive

By adam corsini on 17 Sep 2014

From Billingsgate excavations 1983From Royal Mint excavations 1986From Grimes' 1949 Fortgate excavations

Being an archaeologist sometimes comes attached with this idealised image of treasure hunting; we’re meant to find gold aren’t we? Well, the reality is that most of the time we’re just shifting soil and recording lines in the earth. However, not today! Because today is all about those rare instances when shiny stuff pops up and you get a little excited. Read the full postRead the full post

Rhinestones and Nylon Net

By beatrice behlen on 9 Sep 2014

Dance Dress, 1962

Ever since watching The King and I (1956 version) at a very impressionable age, I have been rather fond of dancing (and crinolines – but that’s another story). My grandmothers and I spent many happy hours marvelling at the clothes, hairstyles and make-up of the participants in the World Championships broadcast on television. Read the full postRead the full post

Our Great Fire of London model celebrates its 100th birthday!

By meriel jeater on 2 Sep 2014


One of the most popular exhibits in the Museum of London is the model of the Great Fire of London. It’s something that people often ask me about, even if they haven’t visited the Museum for many years – they want to know whether we still have it on display as it was one of the most memorable aspects of their visit. Few people realise that the model could be viewed as an artefact in its own right as it is so old. In fact, it is 100 years old this year! Read the full postRead the full post