People get poetic at July's Late:Create

By lucie fitton on 18 Jul 2008

Late:Create is an exciting monthly workshop where members get creative using our collections for inspiration.

Writer Rachel Warrington lead July’s Late:Create session and a group of budding scribes were born.

A group member, Liam, tells us more:

‘This month’s activity was creative writing, lead by Rachel who gave us some simple tasks to get us started. We jotted down answers to questions about our journey to the Museum, such as what we did before we arrived and what we thought at the time.  We turned these answers into a poem and then turned the poem into an artist’s book using old maps of London as covers.

Next we each chose a painting from the collection and picked a person out of the image. We wrote down the thoughts of that person regarding what’s going on around them. After that we jotted down what we know about the picture and tried to relate own experiences to those in the picture.  We combined what we thought the person was thinking and our own perception of the picture to create sentences together to give us a poem or story.’

Poems will be posted here soon!

See more photos from the workshop here.

Late: Create is free and takes place 6 – 8pm on the 1st Thursday of every month and is for people who are currently out of work.  Future workshops include creative writing and photography.  The sessions are coordinated by the Museum’s Inclusion Officer, Lucie Fitton. To find out more contact [email protected]

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