Pictures of Boots

By john joyce on 15 Jul 2011

In this blog post, you can gain an insight into the work to support our current display Freedom from: Modern slavery in the capital from Exhibitions Project Manager, Elizabeth Scott:

I was up on the museums roof recently, sun in the sky, the smell of tar boiling in a pot, with the aim of inspecting builder’s work boots.

It’s not your average day, but when you’re working on exhibitions there never really is a typical day.

I was on the roof with the photographer Chris Steele-Perkins who the museum has commissioned to take 11 photographs (a mixture of portraits and representations) for the exhibition.

The exhibition is about human trafficking and enslavement in 21st century London and shares the stories of individuals who have survived being trafficked to London and individuals from a range of professions that support trafficked people or strive to combat trafficking.

For one of the images Chris wanted to photograph a pair of builder’s boots, they had to be well worn and say “I belong to a construction worker” in an instant.

After a quick inspection he found the right pair.

How old do you think these boots are?

Answer: 2 months old! Making steel toe-capped boots must be a lucrative business.

Thank you to the guys who let us interrupt their day and gave up their boots to model.

To see the final image be sure to visit the exhibition which is on at the Museum of London until 20 November 2011.

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