Something fishy's going on…

By adam corsini on 24 Feb 2012


Every week as part of our archive’s 10th anniversary celebrations we post volunteer profiles to let you know a bit more about our excellent team of volunteers. But sometimes, our excellent objects also want to be heard. So here’s one of our most popular catches, the fish fridge magnet:

1)    When did you join the volunteer programme and why?
I’ve been around since day one. Actually I’ve been around since even before this. I was around before the archive even opened. I used to show volunteers what to do, how things should look. And did this from the first time they put me in this box.

2)    What was your most memorable day whilst volunteering?

Every day on this current project is awesome. As I’m bang in the foyer where everyone who comes up to us can see me, I get loads of attention. And as I’m not even a proper archaeological artefact, but I still like serve a useful purpose ‘cos I show people how you should look after things, I like it when the people come up to me and look at me all weird like before they realise I’m just a fake and I’m there for another reason. And just when they get the reason why I’m there, one of the staff will say “that’s our Red Herring” and I swear, I crack up laughing every time they say it.

Fishy! guess the object

3)    What was your favourite object you discovered whilst volunteering?
I like the other animal bones that the volunteers are packing in Archaeology In Action. The fish bones are good as it’s always interesting to see what you look like under your scales. But then I also like the iron objects. I feel like I’ve got some kind of connection between those things and even when it looks like there’s nothing to them, just an old lump of rock or something, they do the x-ray and bang, there it is, all hidden underneath like.

4)    What’s your favourite part of the museum?
Actually, in the summer I like being outside with the bees in the garden, but now when it’s all cold I like it indoors down in the Sackler hall with all the lights and the massive telly.

5)    Upper galleries of lower?
Forget all them, the archive’s where it’s at. The galleries, yeah, they’re all good, but it’s like a tiny tiny percentage of what the museum actually has and in the archive, it’s all a bit mystical ‘cos you don’t know what’s in them boxes.

fish in the foyer

6)    Favourite year in London’s history?
Tough one. But I’m going for 1860, when that bloke Joseph Malin opened London’s first fish and chip shop.

7)    Favourite Londoner?
Sir William Walworth and if you don’t know who he is then go check him out.

8)    Mortimer Wheeler or Indiana Jones
Hmm… probably Indiana Jones.

9)    If you could dig anywhere in the world where would you excavate?
I’m a fish! I can’t dig!

10)    What’s next for you after this project?
The Olympics! But then I’ll be back at LAARC helping out future volunteers, showing them how to store other finds.

Thhanks Fish! And you can come visit him for yourself every Monday, Tuesday & Friday until 23rd March, in the Museum Foyer, from 10am -4pm.

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