Syon Park Excavation – At the first sign of trouble

By other museum staff on 16 Apr 2012

Bookings are now open for our 2012 summer training excavation at Syon Park, Hounslow. More information and booking details can be found on our website: Kath Creed, one of our key event organisers, explains how progress has been going so far.

Back in March we hired a mechanical digger to open three trial trenches in the area of hoped for remains of Sir Richard Wynn’s house in Syon Park. Our first issue quickly arose when we realised that the remains weren’t quite where we thought they might be!

 We were hoping they would be here:

Syon Park

A lovely open grassed patch with lots of space for open area trenches.

Instead we quickly realised they were over a fence and here:

Syon Park

In a reasonably recent plantation of new trees!

Well, it’s widely known that the best archaeology is always in the most inconvenient place. Luckily our digger fit perfectly in between the rows, and Topher (Syon’s Head Gardener) explained to us that because the trees are young (and don’t have big root systems yet) he could move a few for us to fit in our trenches. Hurrah!

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