Pigeons, Parks and Playgrounds

By other museum staff on 25 Oct 2011

We have a fantastic collection of 1950s and 1960s photographs of London. Many of these were taken by photo journalist Henry Grant, a freelance photographer who had started out working for a news agency on Fleet Street. He was known for his skill at capturing spontaneous ‘moments’ within ordinary life, resulting in some great pictures giving us a fantastic vision of London in this period. As well as photographs of favourite London sights such as the pigeons in Trafalgar Square or a ship sailing through Tower Bridge, there are also photographs of people shopping in markets and department stores, children […]

Henry Grant: London Street photographer

By other museum staff on 15 Aug 2011

From the early 1950s through to the 1980s the photographer Henry Grant was out documenting the everyday lives and experiences of Londoners. He was a freelance photographer by trade but between assignments he would take pictures of the people of London. His photographs offer a window into the real lives of Londoners over four decades. His work starts with an austere post war London and includes his interest in demonstrations, immigrant communities, the rise of youth culture and children at play. The Exploring 20th Century London project, which has over 300 of his pictures online, has made this audio slideshow (click […]