LGBT London’s Badges of Pride

By james read, guest blog author on 9 Jan 2018


Gay activism badges

London is a congregation of communities, but many of these communities have had to struggle for inclusion and acceptance. Our LGBT population has fought hard to establish and legitimise its identity over the last 70 years. Badges and pins have been used as signifiers of support for a plethora of gay and lesbian issues, and now act as reminders of past and continuing battles.

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Happy St George’s Day

By adam corsini on 23 Apr 2015

Happy St George’s Day one and all!



St George’s story goes back to the Roman period and although his birth year is much disputed, most agree that his death occurred on this day, 23rd April, in AD303. But it’s the Medieval period when we start to see the saint’s image depicted on objects in our collection. Check out these 14th Century floor tiles found at Temple Church,Fleet street. Read the full postRead the full post

Losing his head: John Schorn – an unofficial saint

By meriel jeater on 9 Jan 2013
Head from scorn badge

Head fragment from a John Schorn Badge

Over the last year I have been cataloguing the Museum of London’s amazing collection of over 700 pilgrim badges and souvenirs (that’s just the badges in the museum’s reserve collection – we have even more in our Archaeological Archive!). Read the full postRead the full post