Diary of a Museum of London Beekeeper: part 2

By lynne connell on 11 Aug 2010

Wednesday August 4th Today was very exciting, we had to check what use the bees had made of the 4 litres of sugar solution that we gave them last week. To my amazement the feeder was dry, the bees had taken the lot! Brian was not in the least surprised, this was exactly what he had expected. Now that the summer is drawing to a close, we will need to give them sugar every week, to help them to make enough honey to see them through the winter. There won’t be any Museum of London honey for the humans this […]

Diary of a Museum of London Beekeeper

By lynne connell on 3 Aug 2010

Here you will find the first thoughts from our Visitor Host, Lynne Connell, who has begun training to look after the beehive installed in the Museum of London’s Garden Terrace initially as part of the City of London Festival. Lynne intends to post diary entries on a regular basis so check back here (and on Facebook and twitter) for more updates soon. Wednesday 14 July Today I met with Brian and saw inside the hive for the first time. The first thing I noticed when the lid was removed, was the distinctive smell, a combination of resin and honey (very pleasant). Brian removed […]