From fish market to red carpet: The evolution of London’s Docklands

By james read, guest blog author on 18 Sep 2015
An electric trolley carrying tobacco, 1925

A man with an electric trolley carrying tobacco, 1925

London’s Docklands have gone through huge change in the last 70 years – from being one of England’s primary ports, to falling into disuse as cargo ships outgrew the Thames. It has seen vast industries come and go – the same warehouse that once stored tonnes of tobacco is now a dance floor, and what was once a 900 year-old fish market now hosts film premieres.

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Making Medieval Melodies: Top 3 archaeological musical instruments

By adam corsini on 16 Jul 2014

Medieval Key from BillingsgateJew's Harp from Custom HouseBone pipe from Thames Exchange

Tomorrow night our Archaeological Archive will be undergoing a Medieval musical makeover. We’re turning the lights down for torch lit tours of our stores, our curators have been tasked with talking about their top medieval artefacts and we’ve commissioned musicians to create modern medieval inspired melodies. Read the full postRead the full post