The Museum of London and the Mystery of Eleanor Coade's Stone

By lucy inglis on 17 Dec 2010

As you wander from the Museum’s Galleries of Modern London to the cafe for a nice cup of something and a sit down, just take a moment to look up and right.  Up there, in the niche on the wall is a group of figures, smaller than adults but bigger than children.  They look much like any other Classical sculpture, apart from their size but there is something about the material that is not only intriguing, but remarkable.  This tableau is made from Coade stone, an early form of ‘fake’ stone.  Finer than cement and far more durable, the exact […]

Painting the Town Red: the Museum of London unveils 'Hidden' by Red Saunders

By lucy inglis on 16 Nov 2010

Painting the Town Red: the Museum of London unveils ‘Hidden’ by Red Saunders What have black Chartist William Cuffay, revolutionary thinker Thomas Paine and rebel Watt Tyler got in common? They have all been ‘photographed’ by activist Red Saunders for the photo tableaux ‘Hidden’, now installed in the foyer of the Museum of London. These rich and inspiring images use a modern cast with period touches to depict key moments and characters in the history of the ordinary man. Red Saunders said: “I recreate important moments in the long struggle of working people for democracy and social justice. History has […]

Free lunchtime lecture – London's Plague Pits: The Catastrophe Cemetery at East Smithfield

By lucy inglis on 15 Oct 2010

This week I was lucky enough to venture into the very depths of the Museum of London to meet Jelena Bekvalac and her team in Human Osteology where they are slowly but surely reassembling and recording the skeletons of Londoners from a 2000 year period. This mammoth task includes separating and cataloguing the bones of everyone from plague victims to newborn babies. The plague, or the Black Death, is a particularly interesting period in London’s history; it was both short and dramatic, hitting hardest in 1349 to 50. Whilst outbreaks of plague in London would continue throughout the following two […]