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By sarah madden, blog editor on 28 Feb 2014
A night shot outside the Palace Theatre before an evening's performance. The Frankie Vaughan Season ran from 20 January to 16 February 1958 and included Vaughan as the headliner and artists such as Petula Clark, who was to sing her latest hits. Collins created a number of night-time photographs playing with the bright lights of the West End to record people enjoying the buzz of fifties nightlife.

A night shot outside the Palace Theatre before an evening’s performance.

To celebrate the update to our well-loved Streetmuseum app, we’ve put together some incredible old images of London with new. Here are five our our favourites…

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Unearthing the hoard: Mining for gemstones

By robert gessner on 17 Jan 2014

Coloured gemstone mining is mining like no other. This is so because all the mechanised mining and equipment that is used to strip the waste and expose the potential gem-bearing ore, is inferior to two of the greatest extraction tools in this world – a pair of hands. No piece of equipment can gently move this rock and forcefully chisel that rock to expose and extract some of the world’s rarest, most beautiful and sought-after natural objects. Read the full postRead the full post

The Cheapside Hoard: A spectacular find

By hazel forsyth on 27 Sep 2013

Gold finger ring from the Cheapside Hoard, 16th-17th centurySelection of necklaces from the Cheapside Hoard: 16th - 17th cenPendant reliquary in the form of a gold cross: 16th - 17th centuEmerald stone carved in to the form of a parrot: 16th- 17th centCheapside Hoard Copyright Museum of LondonCheapside Hoard Copyright Museum of LondonA gold, diamond and emerald hat ornament in in the form of a salamander.Jewelled scented bottle of white enamel and gold: 16th - 17th ceSelection of items from Cheapside Hoard: 16th- 17th century

Shoppers rushing along Oxford and Regent Street, bulging bags in tow, may not be aware that Cheapside was once the busiest and most renowned of all markets and thoroughfares in London. Once heaving with street traders, luxury merchants and goldsmiths, citizens flocked to its shops for everything from spices and haberdashery to silks, gold, silver and jewels.

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