Dickens Book Club March – The Old Curiosity Shop

By other museum staff on 1 Mar 2012

My name is Nina, I run the Primary schools programme at the Museum of London, and I volunteered to read The Old Curiosity Shop with the book club because I remember being gripped by the story when my father read it to me when I was about 10 years old. My father died a couple of years ago and I keep regretting that I cannot share our wonderful Dickens and London exhibition with him. He loved Dickens, so at 10 I loved this book too. I remember how much I cried when Little Nell died, but as I reread this […]

Food Memories by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

By star guest on 20 Jan 2011

Our first star guest blog comes from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown ahead of her event at the Museum of London Docklands on 28 January. For more information about the event click here. Way back in 1954, Alice.B. Toklas, the lesbian lover of avant garde writer Gertrude Stein penned a cookbook, fabulously recreating the flavours of their long life together in France. Stein was the clever, demanding ‘husband’; wife Alice, a bountiful gastronome. The recipes are replete with pleasure and sex that couldn’t speak its name so had to be covered in pastry and rich sauces. Her lover is always ‘Gertrude Stein’ and […]

The last of Oscar's diary entries make their way to our website

By john joyce on 8 Jun 2010

Today we added the last of Oscar Kirk, our 15 year old Messenger Boy from 1919, diary entries to our website, timed to be go “live” on the corresponding day his diary relates to this year. The last of Oscar’s diary extracts is timed for 29 June, and over the last six months the team in Communications has got to know Oscar very well. Oscar had a very sweet tooth and included in his diary lists of the treats he had bought that day not only for himself but for members of his family such as his sister Marjorie: Saturday 22 February 1919 […]