Punch and Judy through the ages

By sarah madden, blog editor on 9 May 2014


On this day in 1662 the character of Mr Punch made his first recorded appearance in London. Samuel Pepys records that, during a visit to Covent Garden, he sees an ‘Italian Puppet Play…which is very pretty’. By the 19th century, Punch and Judy shows were part of the regular street entertainment on offer in the city. Read the full postRead the full post

Streetmuseum 2.0

By sarah madden, blog editor on 28 Feb 2014
A night shot outside the Palace Theatre before an evening's performance. The Frankie Vaughan Season ran from 20 January to 16 February 1958 and included Vaughan as the headliner and artists such as Petula Clark, who was to sing her latest hits. Collins created a number of night-time photographs playing with the bright lights of the West End to record people enjoying the buzz of fifties nightlife.

A night shot outside the Palace Theatre before an evening’s performance.

To celebrate the update to our well-loved Streetmuseum app, we’ve put together some incredible old images of London with new. Here are five our our favourites…

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Pot idol: contestant three

By other museum staff on 6 Jun 2012

Pot Idol is a contest to find the ceramic star of tomorrow! The winner will be given its time to shine and brought out from the archives at the Museum of London’s Festival of British Archaeology event, Hands-on pots. Over the next six weeks we will be presenting 6 hopeful pots for your consideration – it’s down to you to decide which will win the coveted title of Pot Idol. Once all of the hopefuls have been given a chance to win your hearts, we will ask you to cast your vote and change the life of one lucky pot. […]