Losing his head: John Schorn – an unofficial saint

By meriel jeater on 9 Jan 2013
Head from scorn badge

Head fragment from a John Schorn Badge

Over the last year I have been cataloguing the Museum of London’s amazing collection of over 700 pilgrim badges and souvenirs (that’s just the badges in the museum’s reserve collection – we have even more in our Archaeological Archive!). Read the full postRead the full post

My travels around Boston

By meriel jeater on 29 Nov 2012

By Museum of London Curator, Meriel Jeater Recently, I was lucky enough to be accepted onto a leadership development programme, run by the Getty Leadership Institute, called NextGen 2012. The training was based on the outskirts of Boston, USA, and was an amazing, eye-opening and intense five days. I learnt a huge amount, which I won’t write about here, but I also got to see the city of Boston for the first time – a wonderful and sometimes amusing experience. At the end of training I had a day to myself and after five days in a seminar room I […]

The hidden history of the City wall

By meriel jeater on 15 Nov 2012

By Meriel Jeater, Museum of London Curator Here is a brief snapshot of some research I have recently undertaken to understand the evolution of London’s city wall. A section of the Roman city wall still survives in a garden outside the Museum of London. I mention these remains on my tours of the Roman fort gate, which still exist in a room next to the London Wall car park. It is sometimes tricky to explain to visitors why the wall, while having Roman origins, is made mostly from Victorian brick and includes two medieval towers. The short answer is that […]

Taking a trip down memory lane…

By other museum staff on 24 Jul 2012

“We were lucky to have a holiday every year. We used to go to Ramsgate every year. I think we were privileged really.” Rose Gower, born in London in 1925 They say travel can broaden your mind. However, with the current squeeze on many people’s finances, Londoners, who have come to see a holiday abroad as an affordable part of everyday life, are now choosing the ‘staycation’ and holidaying in the UK instead. As the school holidays are about to start, I began thinking about where to take my family on holiday this year, and it looks like it will […]

Kingsway Exchange: The Secret History

By john joyce on 23 Jun 2011

Curator of Social and Working History, Jim Gledhill, discovers a hidden world under Holborn. Listen very carefully, he shall say this only once… One of my favourite gags in the Indiana Jones franchise is the scene in The Last Crusade when Jones says to the villain clutching a stolen artefact, “This belongs in a museum!” to which the bad guy replies, “So do you!” Sadly the life of a museum curator is not quite as adventurous as that of the fictional archaeologist, but every now and again we do get out and about to visit some unusual places. As a […]

London Street Photography: a curators view by Mike Seaborne

By other museum staff on 28 Feb 2011

Today street photography is a vibrant part of London’s visual culture. It seems to reflect perfectly the diversity and controlled chaos of one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Contemporary street photographers are attracted by the endless supply of curious incidents and unexpected juxtapositions that contribute so much to London’s character. However, street photography in London is far from new. The first ‘instantaneous’ street scenes – those where traffic and people are captured in mid-motion – were taken in the early 1860s and by the 1890s candid street photographers with hand-held, and sometimes hidden, cameras were snapping Londoners […]