Pirates on Film – Part 4 – special extended edition

By john joyce on 20 May 2011

Way back at the beginning of this project to make a montage of Pirates on Film for Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story, I planned to divide it into four themes around which to structure the AV. Well: the best laid plans of mice and curators, etcetera…. Once we had all our material, it didn’t take more than the first test screening based around these themes to show they would have to go out the window. It just didn’t zip. Or zing. It wasn’t fun, and if you can’t achieve that with pirate films then something has gone wrong. It was […]

Pirates on Film – Part 3

By john joyce on 10 May 2011

Part of the interesting thing in working on an exhibition like Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story is that it takes you into whole new areas of working life. While I love cinema and films, I’ve never been involved in using film clips or the whole complicated rights and permissions side of it. When I finally decided on my list of films that I felt best encapsulated screen pirates I turned to our fantastic AV production team: Simon, Caroline and Mark. We sat down with the list then started to work out what we could actually get. This was Caroline’s job […]

Pirates on Film – Part 1

By john joyce on 28 Apr 2011

My name is Hilary Davidson, and I’m one of the curators of the exhibition Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story opening at the Museum of London Docklands on 20 may. Usually, I am a curator of fashion and decorative arts. For the last year though, my working life has taken on a nautical air. As the exhibition draws near I’m going to share behind the scenes and blog about one aspect of all the work that goes into producing a major exhibition at our museums. You know a project is going to be fun when you get to keep a picture of […]