All aboard this pirate ship

By sue neaves on 31 Oct 2011

During October half-term 2011 we built a pirate ship from scratch. Families visiting the Museum of London Docklands worked with artist Sophie Buxton to make the hull, rigging, masts and sails. We made the ship in sections and joined these together. We added people, livestock, treasure and all the other things you would find on board. Here is the pirate ship finished – many thanks to all those who helped to build this wonderful vessel! If you would like to join us from festive fun in December you will find event details on our website here.

Documenting the Port of London Authority Archive…

By john joyce on 16 Jun 2011

What do sugar, bridge construction, the Temperance Movement and the discovery of a pre-historic skeleton have in common? Well, they are just some of the subjects documented in the archive of the Port of London Authority (PLA) housed at the Museum of London Docklands. Cataloguer, Marie-Claire Wyatt, explains more: A few months ago the project to document the PLA Archive entered an exciting new stage, with the start of formal cataloguing. As you can see from the examples above, the archive has a very broad range of contents. However, its primary purpose is to document the history of the docks […]

Troubled Waters

By visitor services on 25 Feb 2011

As mentioned in our last “Your 2012 ” update one of the challenges facing the Olympic organisers has been dealing with the invasive pond weed common to the waterways around the Olympic site. This photo, taken last autumn near the Olympics stadium, shows you just how bad the problem had become in many parts of the canals interlocking the site. When we visited the same site last week a massive transformation had taken place… A big clearing operation has taken place and we could not see a single sign of any pond weed. Such a task must have been very […]

Tis the Changing of the Seasons I

By visitor services on 23 Nov 2010

Greetings fellow Olympian enthusiasts! When I last left you, the team had just submitted our exhibition proposal to the relevant committee . It’s been some time since that last post (sorry!) so I won’t keep you in suspense much longer. As it turns out, our exhibition proposal was too ambitious, the good news however is that a scaled down exhibition will mean increased emphasis on things like blogs and I am now very important. Also, as we won’t be able to display as many of the fantastic photos in the physical exhibition, I am able to debut the ones I […]

Your 2012

By visitor services on 12 Oct 2010

Hi there, Kathryn (host at Museum of London Docklands extraordinaire) here to give you a glimpse into the creation of Your 2012, an exhibition reflecting on the past, present, and future of the communities affected by the Olympic Games. This exhibit also has the distinction of being curated by hosts just like me! Truth be told, I joined the project in progress owing to my recent date of employment. I hope this blog can contribute to the excitement and scope of the project, and I’m also eager to share the things I’m learning as I catch up with my colleagues. […]