Dickens Book Club November – The Mystery of Edwin Drood revisited

By john joyce on 30 Nov 2011

Now that our reading of The Mystery of Edwin Drood has come to an end Records Manager, Sarah Demb, shares her final thoughts and experiences on completing this unfinished work. In truth, I find Dickens a difficult read, although I’m a voracious reader of maximalist fiction and devoted to fictional London, which informs my immigrant experience of the city almost as much as my daily life. But I had to force myself through this short novel (I highly recommend Dan Simmons’ ‘Drood’- his fictionalisation vision of events that could have inspired the writing of the book as Dickens and his friend, author […]

Dickens Book Club November – The Mystery of Edwin Drood

By john joyce on 1 Nov 2011

Preparations for November’s Dickens Book Club novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood with our Records Manager, Sarah Demb are now in place: I love a good mystery but balked at the normal bulk of a Dickens’ tome, so surely The Mystery of Edwin Drood was for me. It opens as a classic potboiler in its lurid depiction of an opium den in Victorian London’s East End. Fascinating to both his readers of the time and countless others afterwards, he invites us to spy through Drood’s uncle John Jasper’s eyes, safe in the knowledge that this exotic depravity can’t touch us. […]