Anchors Aweigh! Family rave

By spetty on 11 Nov 2015

At the start of this year, the legendary club Plastic People shut its doors on Curtain Road in Shoreditch for good. It came among an ongoing wave of club and venue closures, and it was one of the smaller venues in London – fitting just 200 dancers – but it provoked a huge wave of nostalgia. This wasn’t just a sense of loss though: notable in all the tributes that were paid to the venue were an enormous sense of pride in the values of the club and how it represented all that is best about London and its people.

Flyer for a rave at the Hippodrome featuring a smiley face

Flyer for a rave at the Hippodrome , 1991 © Museum of London


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Come and meet Santa in his Victorian grotto

By peter strafford on 16 Dec 2011

I know you have all been waiting for him so I won’t make you wait any longer. After a great deal of effort we have managed to secure an interview with perhaps the most busy man around Xmas (plus his helpers, our Victorian photographer and the mystic Gypsy lady) , of course its our Santa. Welcome Santa, are you ready for this year? Of course, I am looking forward to making all the children around the whole world have a special day and seeing the joy on their faces when they open their presents. That’s great news to hear Santa. […]

Our Christmas trees at both our museums are now in place!

By john joyce on 8 Dec 2011

It’s official, we are now starting to feel rather festive as our Christmas trees are in place and decorated at both the Museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands. Above is the tree for the Museum of London which is displayed in our foyer near to the entrance to the first of our galleries, London Before London. Here is a look at the tree in place in the foyer of the Museum of London Docklands… With Victorian Grotto’s created especially for Santa (although we hear that after Christmas a certain Scrooge will be in residence) due to open at both museums […]

All aboard this pirate ship

By sue neaves on 31 Oct 2011

During October half-term 2011 we built a pirate ship from scratch. Families visiting the Museum of London Docklands worked with artist Sophie Buxton to make the hull, rigging, masts and sails. We made the ship in sections and joined these together. We added people, livestock, treasure and all the other things you would find on board. Here is the pirate ship finished – many thanks to all those who helped to build this wonderful vessel! If you would like to join us from festive fun in December you will find event details on our website here.

A mania for mail making!

By visitor services on 4 Aug 2011

Hello, Giusy here again from the Museum’s Visitor Services Team, with more on the workshops you can enjoy developed and run by your hosts (hope you enjoyed my last update on my own Roman mosiac workshops which you can read here). My colleague Ed has a true mania for mail making. He has always been fascinated and he has been doing it for nearly five years now. If you walk to the galleries you will never find him without a small piece in his hands. I am not joking. He wrote a dissertation on the topic and discovered that despite […]

Museum's Hosts enjoying our Pirates Party!

By visitor services on 3 Jun 2011

Hello everyone! My name is Giusy and I’m a host at the Museum of London, London Wall. Many of you may know me and the other hosts personally but if you come to the Museum for the first time you certainly cannot miss us. We are those friendly and caring people in bright pink shirts who run up and down doing tours, workshops, and assist visitors throughout their stay. It is the first time that I have written a blog ever and I am very excited at the idea of telling you about us on an open and informal platform. There’s no better means […]

Gladiator's ready!

By john joyce on 26 Apr 2011

As we prepare for our spectacular Gladiator Games in July, thanks to our friends at Britannia, we can share with you this insight as our warriors train for combat: “We have undertaken our second major training session of the year as we prepare for the Guildhall show and we’re certainly moving things along. At our training ground, we were able to mock up an area with ropes and spikes that should match the dimensions of the Guildhall arena. We’ve also started to stream gladiators into categories, recognising where people’s strengths and skills best match the weapons and equipment to be […]