Olly Gibbs' design for Our Londinium 2012

By other museum staff on 11 Jun 2012

In the run up to the opening of our new exhibition, Our Londinium 2012 at the Museum of London, illustrator Olly Gibbs talks us through how he created his illustrations for the exhibition’s marketing campaign. We challenged Olly to create four different designs – two modern objects made up of Roman object doodles, and two Roman objects made up of modern object doodles, find out how he did it below… Hello all, Olly Gibbs here! I have been kindly asked to give you lucky people a glimpse into the creation of the latest illustrations for the upcoming Our Londinium 2012 […]

Dickens and London Pubs

By other museum staff on 23 May 2012

Following on from her blogs about William Raban’s film Nightwalks, the key objects within our Dickens and London exhibition and Dickens’ family portraits, this week PhD student, Joanna Robinson, looks at London pubs then and now. Joanna is a PhD student working collaboratively with the Museum of London and the English department at King’s College, London. Coming, as I do, from a small village, the local pub has been a central feature in the landscape of my childhood. And being ignorant, as I am, I assumed that having a local was a big thing for most people. Yet although, needless to […]

The problem with family albums

By other museum staff on 15 May 2012

Following on from her blogs about William Raban’s film Nightwalks and the key objects within our Dickens and London exhibition, this week PhD student, Joanna Robinson, asks if we can find out more about Dickens’ relatives through the characters in his books than by looking at photographs of them. Joanna is a PhD student working collaboratively with the Museum of London and the English department at King’s College, London. As you walk into Dickens and London, the first artefacts to greet you, and ease you into a Dickensian state of mind, are a range of photographs of Dickens’ close family and […]

Dickens Book Club March – The Old Curiosity Shop

By other museum staff on 1 Mar 2012

My name is Nina, I run the Primary schools programme at the Museum of London, and I volunteered to read The Old Curiosity Shop with the book club because I remember being gripped by the story when my father read it to me when I was about 10 years old. My father died a couple of years ago and I keep regretting that I cannot share our wonderful Dickens and London exhibition with him. He loved Dickens, so at 10 I loved this book too. I remember how much I cried when Little Nell died, but as I reread this […]

Dickens Book Club February – Bleak House

By other museum staff on 1 Feb 2012

Welcome to the February Dickens Book Club. My name is Sally, the Librarian at the Museum of London, and I have volunteered to read Bleak House with the book club as it is a novel I studied at school (rather a long time ago now) and enjoyed.  Whereas studying ‘Silas Marner’ put me right off George Eliot, ‘Bleak House’ was so good it  encouraged me to go on and read other books by Dickens, although none of them ever seemed to match up to original impact of ‘Bleak House’. I am looking forward to revisiting the novel as an older […]

News from our Dickens Book Club

By john joyce on 31 Jan 2012

Have the recent TV and radio adaptations alongside celebrations for the upcoming 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens seen you revisit or read for the first time a work by this creative genius? If so there is still time to join our Dickens Book Club and share your thoughts on the work of this great author via Facebook and Twitter. We will be focusing on Bleak House in February, sharing favourite passages and our thoughts as we progress through this work. We will also be completing our reading of Barnaby Rudge from January, so do look out for updates here as […]

Your objects on display as we celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

By other museum staff on 12 Jan 2012

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II the Museum of London will be staging an exhibition in June 2012. Celebrating the capital’s enthusiasm and affection, ‘At Home with the Queen‘, will feature Londoners photographed in their own homes with their cherished souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth II. Here, exhibition curator, Julia Hoffbrand, updates us on the search for people and souvenirs to feature: “Right. Just back from a very extended Christmas and New Year break. Mince pies and lie-ins behind me, I sit down, coffee in hand, to look at my inbox. Lots of enquiries, some general briefings for the […]

Conserving Dickens' chair

By other museum staff on 10 Jan 2012

A blog post from Jon in our conservation team on the work looking after and preparing our objects for display. As this years’ intern within the applied arts section of the conservation department at the Museum of London I am very grateful to have been given the exciting opportunity of experiencing the build-up and installation of the Museum’s major new exhibition – Dickens and London. In the months before installation began, conservators were busy ensuring all the objects and artefacts were suited to being placed on display. Within the new exhibition objects of a range of materials are installed including […]

Dickens Book Club: January's featured title – Barnaby Rudge

By john joyce on 5 Jan 2012

Having in previous months featured such titles as The Mystery of Edwin Drood and A Tale of Two Cities on our virtual book club in support of our new exhibition, Dickens and London. We are focusing this month on one of Dickens less renowned works – Barnaby Rudge. It is early days in terms of my reading (and the sharing of my thoughts which can be found on our twitter and Facebook pages) but I have already been struck by how this work may have influenced a later addition to the Dickens canon, Great Expectations. I have also had a […]