Seen and Heard: The Birth of British Television

By other museum staff on 5 Aug 2011

Toddler favourites Teletubbies and In the Night Garden are the latest in a long heritage of fantastic children’s TV for the under 5s. The origins of children’s television in programmes such as Andy Pandy and Bill and Ben (the flowerpot men) are, in some ways, very different but at the same time very familiar to what our children see and enjoy today. The pioneers of this new medium in the 40s and 50s were Frida Lingstrom and Maria Bird at the BBC who developed the ‘Watch with Mother’ slot and invented the characters Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben and the […]

Slide-shows: a great way to share audio in our collections

By john joyce on 17 Jan 2011

Our colleagues at Exploring 20th Century London have been undertaking some work recently to share audio from our collection online via themed web hosted slide-shows and have found this to be a successful medium to bring oral history to interested audiences. Following on from their audio slide-show ‘Semi-detached London: 1930s Suburbia’ . Jason and the team have recently launched ‘Operation Pied Piper: Evacuating London’s Children’  This slide-show explores the experiences of children as they left the capital to escape the threat of enemy bombers during World War II. The slide-show is curated by museum curator Jim Gledhill, who is also curating future slide-shows on 1950s kids’ […]