The case of the missing Sherlock Holmes film

By andrew scott on 15 Aug 2014

James Bragington

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous fictional Londoner of all time, is also one of the most portrayed characters in film and television history. He has appeared onscreen for over a century, with the role assumed by countless actors – from William Gillette to Benedict Cumberbatch. As the Museum of London prepares for the largest temporary exhibition on the super sleuth for over sixty years, there remains a mystery unsolved regarding one such film. Read the full postRead the full post

Take a cinematic voyage through night-time London inspired by Charles Dickens' Night Walks

By john joyce on 14 Oct 2011

Documentary filmmaker William Raban set out in March 2011 to make a film showing London at night as it is now and to contrast this with the lucid observations made by Dickens 150 years ago. This film will form a key component of the Museum of London’s Dickens and London exhibition  which opens on 9 December 2011. London and its night-time people form the characters of Charles Dickens’ essay Night Walks. Here, William shares his thoughts on the creative process: “Not being a creature of the night myself, I was challenged by the task of retracing the great man’s footsteps, setting […]

Pirates on Film – Part 3

By john joyce on 10 May 2011

Part of the interesting thing in working on an exhibition like Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story is that it takes you into whole new areas of working life. While I love cinema and films, I’ve never been involved in using film clips or the whole complicated rights and permissions side of it. When I finally decided on my list of films that I felt best encapsulated screen pirates I turned to our fantastic AV production team: Simon, Caroline and Mark. We sat down with the list then started to work out what we could actually get. This was Caroline’s job […]

Catch our Gladiator Games stars on an iPhone near you

By john joyce on 5 May 2011

In advance of our Gladiator Games in July, and following on from our last post detailing the start of our gladiatorial training (click here to read), we are able to share with you a behind the scenes look as the Britannia re-enactment group take a break from their training to work on a film performance for our upcoming iPhone and iPad app Streetmuseum Londinium. To complement the games, the Museum has joined forces with TV channel HISTORY™ to launch this free app, following the huge success of Streetmuseum launched in May 2010. The new app will bring Roman London to life using a combination of never-before-seen […]

Pirates on Film – Part 2

By john joyce on 4 May 2011

As I began to research further into the vast history of pirate films for the AV in Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story, four themes started to emerge: Captain Kidd, pirates from literary sources, women pirates, and charting the legends of pirates on film. I started to dig for buried screen treasure to fulfil these (a side effect of this whole exhibition has been awful puns in meetings and a tendency for staff to start arrrrrnswering the phone in piratical ways). It’s always nice to canvass people about what first comes to mind when you say ‘pirate film’. A friend of […]

Pirates on Film – Part 1

By john joyce on 28 Apr 2011

My name is Hilary Davidson, and I’m one of the curators of the exhibition Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story opening at the Museum of London Docklands on 20 may. Usually, I am a curator of fashion and decorative arts. For the last year though, my working life has taken on a nautical air. As the exhibition draws near I’m going to share behind the scenes and blog about one aspect of all the work that goes into producing a major exhibition at our museums. You know a project is going to be fun when you get to keep a picture of […]