Pirates on Film – Part 4 – special extended edition

By john joyce on 20 May 2011

Way back at the beginning of this project to make a montage of Pirates on Film for Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story, I planned to divide it into four themes around which to structure the AV. Well: the best laid plans of mice and curators, etcetera…. Once we had all our material, it didn’t take more than the first test screening based around these themes to show they would have to go out the window. It just didn’t zip. Or zing. It wasn’t fun, and if you can’t achieve that with pirate films then something has gone wrong. It was […]

Pirates on Film – Part 2

By john joyce on 4 May 2011

As I began to research further into the vast history of pirate films for the AV in Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story, four themes started to emerge: Captain Kidd, pirates from literary sources, women pirates, and charting the legends of pirates on film. I started to dig for buried screen treasure to fulfil these (a side effect of this whole exhibition has been awful puns in meetings and a tendency for staff to start arrrrrnswering the phone in piratical ways). It’s always nice to canvass people about what first comes to mind when you say ‘pirate film’. A friend of […]