The hidden history of the City wall

By meriel jeater on 15 Nov 2012

By Meriel Jeater, Museum of London Curator Here is a brief snapshot of some research I have recently undertaken to understand the evolution of London’s city wall. A section of the Roman city wall still survives in a garden outside the Museum of London. I mention these remains on my tours of the Roman fort gate, which still exist in a room next to the London Wall car park. It is sometimes tricky to explain to visitors why the wall, while having Roman origins, is made mostly from Victorian brick and includes two medieval towers. The short answer is that […]

Your objects on display as we celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

By other museum staff on 12 Jan 2012

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II the Museum of London will be staging an exhibition in June 2012. Celebrating the capital’s enthusiasm and affection, ‘At Home with the Queen‘, will feature Londoners photographed in their own homes with their cherished souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth II. Here, exhibition curator, Julia Hoffbrand, updates us on the search for people and souvenirs to feature: “Right. Just back from a very extended Christmas and New Year break. Mince pies and lie-ins behind me, I sit down, coffee in hand, to look at my inbox. Lots of enquiries, some general briefings for the […]

All aboard this pirate ship

By sue neaves on 31 Oct 2011

During October half-term 2011 we built a pirate ship from scratch. Families visiting the Museum of London Docklands worked with artist Sophie Buxton to make the hull, rigging, masts and sails. We made the ship in sections and joined these together. We added people, livestock, treasure and all the other things you would find on board. Here is the pirate ship finished – many thanks to all those who helped to build this wonderful vessel! If you would like to join us from festive fun in December you will find event details on our website here.

How to be a Pirate family event

By sue neaves on 20 Oct 2011

All summer long this performance has been packing them in. Our new free interactive gallery drama is especially popular with our youngest visitors. With half term approaching we are heading for the last two performances for a while, as our pirate will be taking a well deserved winter rest. Come on down and catch him while you can. Also on offer are stories, scientific investigations of maps, making hats, treasure and building a ship from scratch. Our website has a list of all the free half term activities for families here and don’t forget that our special exhibition Pirates: The Captain Kidd […]

A mania for mail making!

By visitor services on 4 Aug 2011

Hello, Giusy here again from the Museum’s Visitor Services Team, with more on the workshops you can enjoy developed and run by your hosts (hope you enjoyed my last update on my own Roman mosiac workshops which you can read here). My colleague Ed has a true mania for mail making. He has always been fascinated and he has been doing it for nearly five years now. If you walk to the galleries you will never find him without a small piece in his hands. I am not joking. He wrote a dissertation on the topic and discovered that despite […]

Declining Loos of London by Paula Simoes

By star guest on 28 Mar 2011

One of our hand-drawn London artists, Paula Simoes, discusses the process of creating her map and where it led her… The prospect of creating a hand-drawn map of London was compelling from the start. This was an opportunity for individuals to depict their own interpretations of the city , a personal response allowing unique observations and experiences to shape each map. The first step was deciding which perceptions to include – filtering these out from a cornucopia of memories and interactions with my native city. Introducing a theme helped me do just that. Toilets were an obvious subject matter to portray, […]

New Exhibition – Street Cries: depictions of London's Poor

By lucy inglis on 23 Mar 2011

Ink Seller, c1759 by Paul Sandby © Museum of London From Friday the new Street Cries exhibition about London’s eighteenth century poor opens here at the Museum of London. The Cries refers to the different occupations of the beggarly street-sellers depicted, and the shouts they would have used to advertise their wares. Cries were issued by various artists throughout the century with varying degrees of success, and are meant to represent different types of people who dwelt upon the margins of Georgian London. As the urban population increased throughout the period, so did the fear of poverty and vagrancy and the nature […]

'Boys and Girls' by Paul Burston

By star guest on 7 Feb 2011

As Jimmy Somerville sang many years ago, there’s more to love than boy meets girl. Which is one of the reasons I chose to edit a short story collection called ‘Boys and Girls’. The book contains stories of young lesbian and gay love, and what better time to celebrate love in all its many varieties than on Valentine’s Day? For Valentine’s @ Late I’ll be joined by several contributors to the book, including Stonewall Award-winning author Stella Duffy Former Write Queer London winner Keith Jarrett Performance poet Sophia Blackwell And writer Joe Storey-Scott   There’ll be tales of teenage crushes, […]

'Street photography' as seen through the camera of The Big Issue vendors in London

By john joyce on 24 Jan 2011

As part of our London Street Photography exhibition opening in February we are working with The Big Issue on a project to capture London streets from a different perspective. As a magazine and movement that was born and lives on the streets, The Big Issue has a unique take on life in the capital. With this in mind, a number of vendors around London have volunteered to take pictures over a two week period representing their view of London’s streets according to the ‘street photography’ criteria of un-posed, spontaneous moments that can sometimes provide a brief encounter or momentary juxtaposition. Vendors will also keep a diary […]

Tis the changing of the seasons 1(1/2)

By visitor services on 12 Jan 2011

Hello again, We have had a bit of a break as we have had changes to the project team, so let me introduce you to the hosts who are taking this exhibition forward. We now have photographs being taken by myself, Peter, Dave and Donald. Other regular updates will be coming from Rachel and Matt as the exhibition develops. We are picking up from where we left off on our blog with this photograph from High Summer: This is part of the Greenway (a walking route through the Olympic site) looking calm and tranquil. Things are a lot different now. We will show you how in future […]