Celebrating Saturnalia

By meriel jeater on 12 Dec 2014

Roman motto beaker of black colour-coated ware

The Roman mid-winter festival of Saturnalia started on 17 December each year and lasted for seven days. In many ways the Roman festivities were similar to our modern Christmas traditions, featuring drinking, eating, decorating houses, present giving, singing and playing games. I wondered whether it would be possible to celebrate Saturnalia using objects from our Roman collections. I had a little hunt and here’s what I found… Read the full postRead the full post

London's Medieval 'Flatulist'

By meriel jeater on 11 Jan 2011

Recently I researched and presented a 30 minute tour of our medieval gallery on the subject of medieval entertainment. Researching the tour was very interesting and it was great to be able to highlight certain objects that visitors might not have thought as ‘entertaining’. I talked about ice-skating… …jousting, gambling with fradulent dice… …and archery among other pastimes. But one of the things I discovered during my research took me by surprise and I found so interesting I had to include it ( I hope no one was offended!)… There was a type of medieval entertainer who we might describe […]