A haunted city

By faye kelly, visitor services manager on 7 Nov 2014


The people who live in this ever expanding metropolis walk busily from place to place, sometimes without so much as a passing thought for the environment they find themselves in. It’s particularly easy to do this within East London’s vibrant docklands. This modern area with its towering architecture is a financial centre for the city and home to a workforce of over 90,000 people. The once imposing warehouses of London’s past can easily go unnoticed by those hard at work in the surrounding towers. Read the full postRead the full post

Looking after London’s ghosts…

By adam corsini on 29 Oct 2013

When I first started working at the Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive I was told there was a ghost in our metal store. More Casper than Blair Witch, the ghost allegedly helped you find objects that had been ‘misplaced’. Sadly, I’ve never seen this ghost, but with 200,000 boxes containing millions of fragments of London’s history, I think it fair to say the ghosts of London’s past sit on our shelves. Read the full postRead the full post