Latest update from our gladiators in training

By john joyce on 6 Jun 2011

As we gear up for our Gladiator Games next month, we have the latest update from our gladiators in training to share with you. Britannia (our gladiator re-enactors) recently attended a training session at the Lunt in Coventry (a reconstructed wooden Roman fort). The event was captured by professional photographer Pete Webb and will feature in the June issue of the science and technology magazine, Flipside (external link). The Lunt is a great site and has the advantage of a sand filled wooden Gyrus (circular Roman cavalry training area). Gladiators are starting to wear the full equipment as you can see […]

An 'author-ity' on our upcoming Gladiator Games

By john joyce on 24 May 2011

In advance of our Gladiator Games this July and with the kind permisssion of the publisher, The History Press, we are able to share with you extracts from the book “The World of the Gladiator” by author Susanna Shadrake. Who is also an historical adviser for our gladiator reinactors Britannia who are competing at our games. Susanna’s book provides us with insight and context for both the preparations and the nature of the combat you can experience over the two days of our games taking place on the site of London’s original Roman amphitheatre, now the Guildhall Yard. The First Amphitheatres Amphitheatres had […]

A chance for some extra training and a marathon effort!

By john joyce on 12 May 2011

In advance of our Gladiator Games in July, and following on from our last post detailing the filming of our upcoming Streetmuseum Londinium app (click here to read), we have the latest news from our gladiators in training as they took the opportunity for a little extra practice and helped out a friend who wanted to run the London Marathon dressed as a Roman Legionnaire! On the weekend of the royal wedding the gladiators from Britannia were performing at Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre in Peterborough. Following their scheduled Roman shows, and after the public had left the site, they took the […]

Catch our Gladiator Games stars on an iPhone near you

By john joyce on 5 May 2011

In advance of our Gladiator Games in July, and following on from our last post detailing the start of our gladiatorial training (click here to read), we are able to share with you a behind the scenes look as the Britannia re-enactment group take a break from their training to work on a film performance for our upcoming iPhone and iPad app Streetmuseum Londinium. To complement the games, the Museum has joined forces with TV channel HISTORY™ to launch this free app, following the huge success of Streetmuseum launched in May 2010. The new app will bring Roman London to life using a combination of never-before-seen […]

Gladiator's ready!

By john joyce on 26 Apr 2011

As we prepare for our spectacular Gladiator Games in July, thanks to our friends at Britannia, we can share with you this insight as our warriors train for combat: “We have undertaken our second major training session of the year as we prepare for the Guildhall show and we’re certainly moving things along. At our training ground, we were able to mock up an area with ropes and spikes that should match the dimensions of the Guildhall arena. We’ve also started to stream gladiators into categories, recognising where people’s strengths and skills best match the weapons and equipment to be […]