All that Glitters at the Archaeological Archive

By adam corsini on 17 Sep 2014

From Billingsgate excavations 1983From Royal Mint excavations 1986From Grimes' 1949 Fortgate excavations

Being an archaeologist sometimes comes attached with this idealised image of treasure hunting; we’re meant to find gold aren’t we? Well, the reality is that most of the time we’re just shifting soil and recording lines in the earth. However, not today! Because today is all about those rare instances when shiny stuff pops up and you get a little excited. Read the full postRead the full post

The Lord Mayor of London’s State Coach

By robert payton on 26 Oct 2013

The Museum of London houses one of London’s most iconic objects, the Lord Mayor’s State Coach, owned by the City of London Corporation. This is one of the world’s oldest ceremonial vehicles still in use. Built in 1757 it even pre-dates the Queen’s gold coach. As Head of Conservation and Collection Care at the Museum of London one of my roles is to ensure that the coach is looked after whilst on display, but also to oversee the removal of the coach ready for the annual Lord Mayor’s procession. Read the full postRead the full post

News from the capillary universe

By beatrice behlen on 17 May 2011

I cannot believe it was more than a month ago that I last posted an entry. How time flies when you have deadlines to meet and wedding memorabilia to collect (more on this once the Collections Committee has had its say in a few weeks’ time). While trying to find a new home for an Alice band type thing, I took out our hair box (don’t ask) and while it turned out not to be the right place for the Alice band type thing I rediscovered this most fabulous object (apologies for the polystyrene head, will try to do better […]