All that Glitters at the Archaeological Archive

By adam corsini on 17 Sep 2014

From Billingsgate excavations 1983From Royal Mint excavations 1986From Grimes' 1949 Fortgate excavations

Being an archaeologist sometimes comes attached with this idealised image of treasure hunting; we’re meant to find gold aren’t we? Well, the reality is that most of the time we’re just shifting soil and recording lines in the earth. However, not today! Because today is all about those rare instances when shiny stuff pops up and you get a little excited. Read the full postRead the full post

‘Diamonds in the Rough’ at the Archaeological Archive

By glynn davis on 24 Sep 2013

Unworked intaglioRoman Fortuna intaglioIvory sundialVictorian toothpaste lidVictorian haircream lid: 'Circassian cream'

To celebrate the imminent opening of our Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels exhibition, this month’s theme for the Archaeological Archive’s behind-the-scenes tour is Diamonds in the Rough. As part of a new blog series we’ll be showing you a sneak preview of some of the objects hidden in the museum’s archive of all things excavated, that can be seen on our upcoming tours. Read the full postRead the full post