New year – old challenges!

By andrew fetherston on 2 Feb 2012

Since my last post back in December a lot has happened in the world of digital preservation at LAARC (London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre). We have taken in several large archive deposits, including a great deal of digital images relating to a number of Olympic development sites, and I’m currently busily processing the deposits in order to make them accessible through our online catalogue. We’ve also had a number of enquiries regarding our collections, ranging from a request for information on fish bone samples from archaeological sites, to questions about plans and standing building drawings of a church in […]

Digital preservation and archaeology (or what Indiana Jones never told you)

By andrew fetherston on 13 Dec 2011

Hello, my name is Andrew Fetherston, and I have just started working at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) as the new Archaeological Records (Digital) Officer, having spent nearly two years as the Digital Archivist at The National Archives. I’ll be taking over from Joanna Wylie, who is heading back to New Zealand in the new year after 3 and a half years of accessioning, archiving and preserving London’s digital archaeological collections. Which means I’ve got exactly 3 weeks to try and distil over 3 years of Joanna’s knowledge, skills and experience into something I can understand!! Still, New Zealand’s not that far away […]