Streetmuseum 2.0

By sarah madden, blog editor on 28 Feb 2014
A night shot outside the Palace Theatre before an evening's performance. The Frankie Vaughan Season ran from 20 January to 16 February 1958 and included Vaughan as the headliner and artists such as Petula Clark, who was to sing her latest hits. Collins created a number of night-time photographs playing with the bright lights of the West End to record people enjoying the buzz of fifties nightlife.

A night shot outside the Palace Theatre before an evening’s performance.

To celebrate the update to our well-loved Streetmuseum app, we’ve put together some incredible old images of London with new. Here are five our our favourites…

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Kingsway Exchange: The Secret History

By john joyce on 23 Jun 2011

Curator of Social and Working History, Jim Gledhill, discovers a hidden world under Holborn. Listen very carefully, he shall say this only once… One of my favourite gags in the Indiana Jones franchise is the scene in The Last Crusade when Jones says to the villain clutching a stolen artefact, “This belongs in a museum!” to which the bad guy replies, “So do you!” Sadly the life of a museum curator is not quite as adventurous as that of the fictional archaeologist, but every now and again we do get out and about to visit some unusual places. As a […]