Mannequins – storage thereof

By beatrice behlen on 23 Jul 2012

We have been rearranging our mannequins. Again. Moving things around is definitely one of the big stories of my life and artificial bodies loom large. I’ve lost count of how many times I have tried to come up with a good solution for mannequin storage in this and a previous job (life?). The image above was taken about two years ago during one of our previous attempts when I first thought of describing this super-exciting part of my job.

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The Body in the Museum

By beatrice behlen on 1 Jan 2012

New Approaches to the Display of Dress
One day conference: Saturday 17 March 2012

In May 2010 we launched the Galleries of Modern London. Two curators, four conservators (some part-time) and many volunteers helped putting the 70 outfits on mannequins which took the best part of two years. Other permanent displays of dress opened or relaunched at a similar time, such as the Gallery of Costume in Manchester and the Fashion & Textile Gallery at The Bowes Museum and temporary dress exhibitions are probably more frequent and popular as ever before. Read the full postRead the full post