Victorian miracle cures and industrial age marvels: Tallis map advertisements

By jason webber on 14 Mar 2014
Steam powered coffee roaster - an advert from Tallis' Victorian Street Views.

Steam powered coffee roaster – an advert from Tallis’ Victorian Street Views.

With advertising running parallel with consumer society, it isn’t surprising that the advertising boom coincided with the Victorian industrial revolution. With newspapers and other printed materials the main source of information for Londoners, column ads were ubiquitous. Like any modern publication looking to turn a profit, publisher John Tallis looked to local businesses for advertising revenue. Read the full postRead the full post

Adapting Dickens for an app

By other museum staff on 9 Jul 2012

Joanna Robinson looks back at the creation of the Dickens: Dark London app. Joanna is a PhD student working collaboratively with the Museum of London and the English department at King’s College, London. There must be a strange sense of anticlimax when an exhibition ends. Museum staff have followed Dickens and London through every stage – the months of research and careful planning, the hype surrounding its opening, and finally (as of Sunday 10 June 2012) an empty space where it has been. Yet this one is special, as even after the exhibit is dismantled Dickens and London will leave […]