Delivering the past: planning a plinth

By acollinson on 3 Oct 2016
Bronze age cooking pot, Roman amber gaming die and medieval token mould, on display in the Delivering the Past exhibition.

Bronze age cooking pot, Roman amber gaming die and medieval token mould, on display in the Delivering the Past exhibition.

A single archaeological site, excavated in 1975, provides a window into millennia of London’s past. Adam Corsini explores the fascinating former site of the General Post Office building, and explains how he designed the Delivering the Past display around it.

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Take a cinematic voyage through night-time London inspired by Charles Dickens' Night Walks

By john joyce on 14 Oct 2011

Documentary filmmaker William Raban set out in March 2011 to make a film showing London at night as it is now and to contrast this with the lucid observations made by Dickens 150 years ago. This film will form a key component of the Museum of London’s Dickens and London exhibition  which opens on 9 December 2011. London and its night-time people form the characters of Charles Dickens’ essay Night Walks. Here, William shares his thoughts on the creative process: “Not being a creature of the night myself, I was challenged by the task of retracing the great man’s footsteps, setting […]

Pictures of Boots

By john joyce on 15 Jul 2011

In this blog post, you can gain an insight into the work to support our current display Freedom from: Modern slavery in the capital from Exhibitions Project Manager, Elizabeth Scott: I was up on the museums roof recently, sun in the sky, the smell of tar boiling in a pot, with the aim of inspecting builder’s work boots. It’s not your average day, but when you’re working on exhibitions there never really is a typical day. I was on the roof with the photographer Chris Steele-Perkins who the museum has commissioned to take 11 photographs (a mixture of portraits and representations) […]

The spirit of discovery: a word of welcome from the psychogeographical travel agency by Sebastian Groes

By star guest on 8 Apr 2011

Sebastian Groes c. Andrew Porter Ahead of his event with Will Self, at the Museum of London, on the 12th of April, Sebastian Groes talks psychogeography… In July 1992, my father went to Los Angeles for business, and took me with him. I was seventeen and, as a boy from a Dutch hamlet, knee-deep in polder mud and accustomed only to endless fields of tulips beneath a light blue skyscape. Soon I was bored of the endless visits to overheated warehouses and air-conditioned offices, and my father decided to drop me at Venice Beach. It was a working day, and […]