Making Medieval Melodies: Top 3 archaeological musical instruments

By adam corsini on 16 Jul 2014

Medieval Key from BillingsgateJew's Harp from Custom HouseBone pipe from Thames Exchange

Tomorrow night our Archaeological Archive will be undergoing a Medieval musical makeover. We’re turning the lights down for torch lit tours of our stores, our curators have been tasked with talking about their top medieval artefacts and we’ve commissioned musicians to create modern medieval inspired melodies. Read the full postRead the full post

Down to the Docklands, you’re all out of options

By Andrew Marcus on 16 Jan 2014

Here at West India Quay, home of Museum of London Docklands, we’re always on the lookout for Docklands inspired art and music. So when we discovered East India Youth, named after the bit of Docklands musician William Doyle calls home (or so says the Guardian) our ears pricked up and we’ve been listening to new album Total Strife Forever since it was released on Monday.

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1950s: Music and Youth Culture

By star guest on 28 Jul 2011

In support of our Fabulous fifties late event on 11 August , part of the Story of London Festival, at the Museum of London. DJ’s and recording artists, the Broken Hearts, have provided us with an insight into the influences on and the music from the time which will be showcased on the evening. The 1950s were a time of societal change and new beginnings. The decade began with austerity measures, rationing and reconstruction still governing many large Western urban spaces. Simultaneously in the UK, old class structures were beginning to be broken down as affluence grew and a new consumer […]