What does Dickens mean to London? A visit to the Museum of London’s Dickens and London exhibition

By star guest on 10 Apr 2012

This April, Cityread London, funded by Arts Council England, aims to get the whole of London reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens through a series of events and activities. Here Cityread blogger Aoife Mannix describes her visit to the Museum of London’s Dickens and London exhibition. ‘I’ve never read any of his books you know,’ the woman in front of me is saying to her companion. ‘Oh but you have to,’ is the shocked reply, ‘the characters are just so vivid and true.’ An observation backed up by the portraits on the walls of some of Dickens’ most famous creations as we […]

Dickens Book Club April – Oliver Twist

By other museum staff on 2 Apr 2012

Hello everyone! My name is Arna and I am a host at the Museum of London. As a host, I am the person in the pink uniform who is there to help visitors. I give guided tours of the museum, take workshops and storytelling sessions, and frequently I am a walking Tourist Information Centre! Due to the nature of the job, I talk to many visitors and sometimes they tell me their stories. Stories about their childhood in the Blitz, or how they remember the Brixton riots, or even one couple who were delighted that the window of the Lyons […]

Dickens Book Club October – A Tale of Two Cities

By john joyce on 30 Sep 2011

Preparations begin for October’s Dickens Book Club novel, A Tale of Two Cities with our Marketing Officer, Anne McMeekin. October’s Dickens Book Club has already kicked off in my household, descending as I have into Dickens’ murky world of the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy five in A Tale of Two Cities. Despite having studied English Literature at university my Dickens readometer is a little stunted (blame the tutors). Great Expectations (favourite all-time novel) and Oliver Twist (precious few show tunes) are the only two books I have made it to the end of. Even my dad’s fervent […]