Remembering the Super Humans

By other museum staff on 12 Dec 2012

To mark Disability History Month Curator of Oral History & Contemporary Collecting, Sarah Gudgin, revisits the memories she collected during the London 2012 Paralympic Games. “2012 was a pivotal moment. 2012 was an opportunity to change the way people felt, and the way people looked at the Paralympics. And the wider implications that it would have for people with disabilities all over the UK and all over the world for years to come.” Ade Adapitan For most people, the excitement surrounding the success of the London 2012 Games might have finished with the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games. For […]

Taking a trip down memory lane…

By other museum staff on 24 Jul 2012

“We were lucky to have a holiday every year. We used to go to Ramsgate every year. I think we were privileged really.” Rose Gower, born in London in 1925 They say travel can broaden your mind. However, with the current squeeze on many people’s finances, Londoners, who have come to see a holiday abroad as an affordable part of everyday life, are now choosing the ‘staycation’ and holidaying in the UK instead. As the school holidays are about to start, I began thinking about where to take my family on holiday this year, and it looks like it will […]

Being proud of Pride

By other museum staff on 6 Jul 2012

With London’s Gay Pride hitting the streets tomorrow, Sarah Gudgin, Curator of Oral History and Contemporary Collecting, revisits an interview with world-renowned gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. “We were for the first time in history coming out in our thousands. It had never been done before. Not only coming out but proud and defiant.” Peter Tatchell, born 1952 London’s Gay Pride event on 7 July 2012 will be a focal point for the LGBTQ community in the capital. This year, the annual event is given even more significance as it is also World Pride in London, proving an opportunity to […]

Still Lives by Harriet Salisbury

By other museum staff on 12 Apr 2012

Following Hilary Young’s blog post Listening for a change and author Harriet Salisbury’s look at the discoveries she made while delving into the Museum of London’s oral history collections, here Harriet talks about her work with the Museum’s picture library and putting faces to the voices her new book, The War on our Doorstep. The Museum had agreed to let me use 50 of their images in my book and after time spent listening to the voices in the oral history collection, I was eager almost beyond belief to see what this world looked like. Of course, I started off […]

Distant voices

By other museum staff on 4 Apr 2012

Following Hilary Young’s blog post Listening for a change last week, author Harriet Salisbury talks about the discoveries she made while delving into the Museum of London’s oral history collections for her new book, The War on our Doorstep. I am not an oral historian – or even a historian. Before I began researching material for The War on our Doorstep, my experience of oral history was limited to recording a few interviews in my student days. So for me, the Museum of London’s vast collection of tapes was a big step into the unknown. Luckily, in the case of the Port & River collection, there […]