Distant voices

By other museum staff on 4 Apr 2012

Following Hilary Young’s blog post Listening for a change last week, author Harriet Salisbury talks about the discoveries she made while delving into the Museum of London’s oral history collections for her new book, The War on our Doorstep. I am not an oral historian – or even a historian. Before I began researching material for The War on our Doorstep, my experience of oral history was limited to recording a few interviews in my student days. So for me, the Museum of London’s vast collection of tapes was a big step into the unknown. Luckily, in the case of the Port & River collection, there […]

Wrapping that speaks volumes!

By other museum staff on 17 Oct 2011

Following on from our last blog update on the help volunteers have provided in terms of conserving parts of the PLA Archive. We felt that the support that resulted in our diligently boxed PLA Archive volumes deserved to be highlighted in a post of its own. Here, one of our volunteers, Kate, shares her thoughts on her time with us and the process of boxing up key PLA record books: “It was a fantastic experience and very valuable as a trainee paper conservator to be able to have ‘hands-on’ experience of cleaning and repairing documents then building the archive boxes for long-term storage for an […]

More from the PLA Archive: hoovering history!

By other museum staff on 20 Jul 2011

Following on from our recent posts concerning the documenting of the PLA Archive we now move on to the conservation process. Have you ever seen such beautifully wrapped volumes?! If only all the archive could look so neat! This is the work of Rosalind Foley, a student who has just completed a year’s training in paper conservation at University of the Arts, Camberwell. She loves to make boxes and re-package and is currently volunteering with us one day a week, helping to clean and pack the Port of London Authority Archive. Working alongside her are Dominic Flook and Kate Barber. […]