Photographs from school

By other museum staff on 13 Mar 2012

As Anna from our Collections online team continues to work to bring 1,000 images by renowned photo journalist Henry Grant to our website. We share some of her favourite photographs from the collection now available to view online: The first group of our Henry Grant photographs have gone live – they are all education related and cover teaching and learning in the Capital from nursery age through schools and exams to university and apprenticeships. There are some fantastic images – I have posted some of my favourite here… This little girl, who attended the Coram Gardens Day Nursery is being weighed and checked […]

A coin collection spanning seven centuries

By other museum staff on 18 Jan 2012

As part of our collections online programme bringing greater online access to our collections over the next three years, including the addition of over 90,000 objects. Project Assistant, Ed, talks us through his work with the Museum’s Roman coin collection: The Museum’s Roman collection boasts some very fine examples of bronze, silver and gold coinage, and traces the history of Rome from the Republic, through the rise and eventual decline of the Empire, and culminates in the ascendancy of Byzantium. The collection spans a period of no-less than seven centuries and represents over 100 different emperors, empresses, princes, rebels and […]

Explore our collection of tinsel prints online now

By other museum staff on 19 Dec 2011

As part of our collections online programme bringing greater online access to our collections over the next three years, including the addition of over 90,000 objects, today sees our collection of tinsel prints go live on our website, just in time for Christmas. Either search “Theatrical tinsel portraits” to browse the collection or you can access them directly using this link. Here our Project Assistant, Ellie, provides her perspective on some of the prints she has recently been working with: During the nineteenth century, London’s theatres were a popular medium. Whole genres of popular plays would develop and protests were carried out when theatre prices rose. […]

Slide-shows: a great way to share audio in our collections

By john joyce on 17 Jan 2011

Our colleagues at Exploring 20th Century London have been undertaking some work recently to share audio from our collection online via themed web hosted slide-shows and have found this to be a successful medium to bring oral history to interested audiences. Following on from their audio slide-show ‘Semi-detached London: 1930s Suburbia’ . Jason and the team have recently launched ‘Operation Pied Piper: Evacuating London’s Children’  This slide-show explores the experiences of children as they left the capital to escape the threat of enemy bombers during World War II. The slide-show is curated by museum curator Jim Gledhill, who is also curating future slide-shows on 1950s kids’ […]