Beyond Londinium

By adam corsini on 25 Feb 2013

The link between Bromley & Ancient Rome

In 43AD the Roman army crossed the Channel and began their conquest of Britain. Within a decade the area around the Thames had transformed into a city which would grow, be attacked, be fortified, be burnt, be rebuilt, expand and evolve. However, this isn’t the story I’m here to tell (that’s what we have the Roman Gallery for). This blog is interested in the lives beyond the city.

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Introducing… Pot idol

By other museum staff on 22 May 2012

Pot Idol is a contest to find the ceramic star of tomorrow! The winner will be given its time to shine and brought out from the archives at the Museum of London’s Festival of British Archaeology event, Hands-on pots. Over the next six weeks, we will be presenting six hopeful pots for your consideration – it’s down to you to decide which will win the coveted title of Pot Idol. Once all of the contestants have been given a chance to win your hearts, we will ask you to cast your vote and change the life of one lucky pot […]