Spoiling you with a number of Valentine Cards this year…

By other museum staff on 11 Feb 2012

Next week the Museum’s 19th century valentine card collection will be available to view on our website as part of our collections online project and this is the first of a series of three blog posts about the cards – the other two will go out next week in the lead up to Valentines Day. Collections online project Assistant, Ellie, will be talking about the cards as one of the activities at the Museum’s Pleasure Garden Ball on Valentine’s Night. There will be a stall where Ellie will be talking about the cards and bringing some of them out of […]

Dickens Book Club February – Bleak House

By other museum staff on 1 Feb 2012

Welcome to the February Dickens Book Club. My name is Sally, the Librarian at the Museum of London, and I have volunteered to read Bleak House with the book club as it is a novel I studied at school (rather a long time ago now) and enjoyed.  Whereas studying ‘Silas Marner’ put me right off George Eliot, ‘Bleak House’ was so good it  encouraged me to go on and read other books by Dickens, although none of them ever seemed to match up to original impact of ‘Bleak House’. I am looking forward to revisiting the novel as an older […]

Dickens Book Club: January's featured title – Barnaby Rudge

By john joyce on 5 Jan 2012

Having in previous months featured such titles as The Mystery of Edwin Drood and A Tale of Two Cities on our virtual book club in support of our new exhibition, Dickens and London. We are focusing this month on one of Dickens less renowned works – Barnaby Rudge. It is early days in terms of my reading (and the sharing of my thoughts which can be found on our twitter and Facebook pages) but I have already been struck by how this work may have influenced a later addition to the Dickens canon, Great Expectations. I have also had a […]

Dickens Book Club November – The Mystery of Edwin Drood revisited

By john joyce on 30 Nov 2011

Now that our reading of The Mystery of Edwin Drood has come to an end Records Manager, Sarah Demb, shares her final thoughts and experiences on completing this unfinished work. In truth, I find Dickens a difficult read, although I’m a voracious reader of maximalist fiction and devoted to fictional London, which informs my immigrant experience of the city almost as much as my daily life. But I had to force myself through this short novel (I highly recommend Dan Simmons’ ‘Drood’- his fictionalisation vision of events that could have inspired the writing of the book as Dickens and his friend, author […]

'Your 2012': two of our favourite images and a call for more

By peter strafford on 18 Aug 2011

With Your 2012, our free photography exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands now open, we wanted to share two of our favourite images from the 20 on display and ask you to contribute to our flickr group. This photo below was taken from inside the Viewtube of the centrepiece Olympic stadium. Here is another photograph this time of the basketball stadium (which hosted a warm-up match between Australia and China this week)  that has been nicknamed the ‘mattress’ and amazingly can be disassembled and reassembled anywhere in the country in just six months. We are looking to share via flickr some of the hundreds of […]