Looking after London’s ghosts…

By adam corsini on 29 Oct 2013

When I first started working at the Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive I was told there was a ghost in our metal store. More Casper than Blair Witch, the ghost allegedly helped you find objects that had been ‘misplaced’. Sadly, I’ve never seen this ghost, but with 200,000 boxes containing millions of fragments of London’s history, I think it fair to say the ghosts of London’s past sit on our shelves. Read the full postRead the full post

Reorganising our curated osteology collection

By john joyce on 2 Aug 2011

During the course of building developments within the museum, some of the conservation boxes with skeletal material in the rotunda store had to be moved from their shelf locations and temporarily stored elsewhere. Once the building work was complete the boxes could be returned to the store but in turn needed to be located back on to different shelves and the inventory updated.  With the return of the boxes and the gaining of some new space within the store there was an opportunity for a rationalising of the space and re grouping of the boxes from the sites currently curated […]

Digital x-raying at St Bride's crypt

By other museum staff on 3 Mar 2011

Following a paper presented at the 2009 American Paleopathology (PPA) meeting in Chicago by Jelena Bekvalac, Curator, Centre for Human Bioarchaeology, Museum of London, an opportunity arose to work on a digital x-ray project in the crypt of St Bride’s Church nearby the Museum. Here, Jelena explains more: “My paper presentation was based around the analysis of the 227 individuals retained in the crypt of St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street, London. They are a particularly interesting and unique group of individuals as they have a substantial amount of biographical information associated with them provided by coffin plates and detailed parish records. […]