A New Year’s letter from the second Great Fire of London

By acollinson on 16 Jan 2017
A view of bomb damage from the 1940 Blitz, in the St Pauls area.

A view of bomb damage from the 1940 Blitz, in the St Paul’s area.

On the night of New Year’s Eve 1940, a London fireman sat down to write a letter to his wife. George Britchford had just come through one of the worst nights of the London Blitz, when devastating fires had ravaged the city and destroyed an area larger than the Great Fire of 1666. His letter, recently added to the Museum of London collection, is a fascinating glimpse into the darkest days of the Second World War and one Londoner’s experience of it.

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From bunnies to hot-cross buns: Top five Easter inspired objects

By sarah madden, blog editor on 19 Apr 2014

River egg

For many Londoners, this weekend is all about a sunny pub garden, parks and chocolate binges. However, not forgetting the reason behind the Bank Holiday, I’ve searched through the online collections to bring you a bitesize list of our top five Easter objects. Read the full postRead the full post